​Our Employees!

More family & Friends: Family doesn’t stop there. Ben and Abby have six nephews that range in ages from 19 years old all the way down to 8 years old. Everyone has their part at the now very busy Schueller Auction House!

The Ringmen: The Ringman has a very important job to do during an auction. At Schueller Auction Company, we don't just trust this job to anyone. Ryan “Rosco” Walker, Tom Watter & Joe “Joey” Primasing are just a few of the trusted Ringmen that are there on auction day, wearing that blue shirt and hollering “YUP” at the first sign of a live bid. They are there to communicate between the auctioneer and bidder. Schueller Auction Company likes to think it has some of the best Ringmen around

Ginger Manning: Ginger, who is also Ben’s sister, has been a clerk with Schueller Auction Company from the beginning. She can be found most days at the front ring sitting next to the auctioneer recording the sale. 

Tom Schueller: Ben’s father Tom has been a longtime supporter of Ben and his ambitions. He has never missed a sale and can generally be found as a Ringman. Tom also enjoys engaging the crowd before and after the sales. graph here.

Allison Bock:Allison has found that it is not easy being friends with a Schueller. She has been a longtime friend to Abby and has slowly been recruited from what started as a part-time job to dedicating many nights and weekends to the auction business. She generally is clerking ring two or can be found at the cashier’s station. 

Our Clerks:

 At the Ben Schueller Auction Company, we are a techy bunch (or we try to be) with all of our clerking and cashiering done by computers. Our clerks are quick, witty and multi-taskers.

Our Food Services:
Chad and Shannon Veach: Chad and Shannon are the nice couple that you will find most days serving a snack or sandwich from the kitchen. Shannon has been given the title of Food Service Administrator and Chad is her trusty assistant. Auction day for this wonderful couple is most often a “Date” and they are always in great spirits to be there. If you have a burger at Schueller Auction Company, it was most likely grilled by Chad and served with a smile by Shannon. They also have two beautiful daughters, Sydney & Cailyn that help mom and dad and usually find something fun to do with Audrey. 

Our Auctioneers and Ringman:
Our Auctioneers and Ringmen are fun and friendly, always ready to help you with questions or information. 

Brook Herring and Kellie Gregorich: Brook and Kellie are the main cashiers at Schueller Auction Company. They are always polite and can be quick with a joke or casual conversation. 

Peter “Pete” Schueller:Ben’s brotherPete has been a huge help to Ben and Abby’s success also. He is always helpful in picking up estates, driving a truck and trailer and in the last two years has started auctioneering. Most people would describe Peter as the quiet one, but he has truly worked hard and continues to build his auctioneering portfolio. Most auctions you will find Pete running a second ring as an Auctioneer or being a Ringman. graph here.

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Our other staff: There are many others that help make Schueller Auction Company successful. I am sure we are forgetting to mention some of them here. Ben always jokes that we will hiring anyone else that doesn't require much pay, will put on a blue t-shirt, and take orders from a really “nice” guy (maybe not in those words). 

The Ben Schueller Auction Company is truly, here to serve the needs of the buyers and sellers that walk through our doors. We have a goal everyday beyond just making the all mighty dollar. We want our patrons to remember us for being efficient, competent, and making them feel comfortable to be with us. Whether it be for the liquidation of an estate or simply a single day sale, The Ben Schueller Auction Company wants to make you happy so that we may have the opportunity to serve you again. 

Chad Weirup:Chad has been a long time auctioneer and friend to Ben and Abby. He is a great auctioneer and has been helping Schueller Auction Company for over 5 years. Chad and his wife Susan have a wonderful boy Keegan that is perfecting his own auction chant!